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          Frères des Hommes
              “Helping Doesn’t Always Mean Assisting”

Frères des Hommes
Our Exhibits

TERRA Exhibition
Since 1997, Frères des Hommes, together with photographer Sebastião Salgado, have created “Operation: Terra,” a program of cooperation in favor of the landless farmer movement.

EXODES Exhibition

A moving exhibit in partnership with Sebastião Salgado. The photographs in the Exodes exhibit convey immediate and tangible human suffering.

Life for Dalits

Moving photography exhibit created by the Dalit Collective, a partner of Frères des Hommes, which relies on two French photographers, Frédéric Anthone and Pascale Mitterand, and two Indian photographers, Ramu and Rahath Woysufi.

Music and Diversity in the Caribbean
and Latin America

An exhibit that:
Uses world music to bridge education and development
Establishes links between the exhibit’s theme (Afro-Latino-European influences in music), and situations of multiculturalism and racism in France and Europe.
Does not limit itself to a cultural message, but opens discussion on problems of development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Photos © Sébastiao Salgado, Frères des Hommes, Tout droits réservés


Frères des Hommes - 9 rue de Savoie - 75006 Paris - Tél. : 01 55 42 62 62 - Fax : 01 43 29 99 77

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