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          Frères des Hommes
              “Helping Doesn’t Always Mean Assisting”

Frères des Hommes

Organisational Structure

Frères des Hommes
is registered under Law 1901. Recognized for the common good in 1988, the organization is non-governmental and has no political or religious affiliation.

Since May 2000, Frères des Hommes has been a member of the Ethical Fundraising Committee for Social and Humanitarian Organizations.

Across France, Frères des Hommes has 250 members and 250 volunteers, spread out among its 13 local teams.

A team of ten paid staff.

The president and the administrators are elected by members at a general assembly.
The board of directors is made up of 14 people.

The organization regularly releases various publications to update its members, its donors, and its partner institutions on activities in the North and in the South.

Additionally, in May of each year, the organization distributes the Annual Activities Report (with ethical and financial components).
Today, along with Frères des Hommes – France, the seat of the organization, we have three other delegations in Europe.


Frères des Hommes - 9 rue de Savoie - 75006 Paris - Tél. : 01 55 42 62 62 - Fax : 01 43 29 99 77

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