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          Frères des Hommes
              “Helping Doesn’t Always Mean Assisting”

Frères des Hommes
Frères des Hommes groups in France

The local Frères des Hommes groups work to raise awareness of the problems and challenges of sustainable development, along with interdependence between the countries of the North and the South. Teams of volunteers organize actions and demonstrations across France, take part in awareness campaigns, and mobilize the public, social actors, and political leaders. Frères des Hommes also seeks to:
  • Encourage solidarity between peoples
  • Create collaboration networks between social actors in the North and the South to fight together against marginalization
  • Fight discrimination and change the mindset
Contact for local groups:

Monday to Wednesday
E-mail : [email protected]
Tél : 01 55 42 62 62

14500 - VIRE
The group was founded in 1982, and began by supporting projects in Africa, and later in Latin America and the Caribbean (Haiti).
Our support of the landless peasant movement in Brazil started with an exhibition by Sebastião Salgado that we presented in the region, and in 2002, we were visited by a leader of the landless peasants (as part of the Terra Project). In 2003, one of our members participated in an exchange mission in the state of Maranhão, which allowed us to help install an exhibition and a diorama, which help promote education and development campaigns.
In 1992, a public rally permitted us to meet in a relaxed setting with a diverse audience.
The years 2004-2005 were marked by our presence at the Association Forum, the cultivation of apples in a collective orchard, and the sale of squash at a farm stand shared with Artisans of the World. The most exciting achievement was “Citizens of the World, Citizens of the Farms,” a three-day long forum that included films, discussions on indicators of wealth, and an afternoon of workshops with activists to look at different models for development.
Contact: Marie-Jeanne LETULLE - 8 Impasse Claude Monet - 14500 VIRE
Tel: 02 31 68 99 58 - E.mail:
[email protected]

26100 ROMANS
The group was started in 1975, just after the Grenoble group showed the film, “Ken Keni.”
At that time, the mood was optimistic, and cooperation seemed like an easy solution; a large number of young people started coming to meetings, and volunteers returning from developing countries talked about the successes taking place and encouraged us to pursue our efforts.
The first action chosen was to build a phytotherapy laboratory in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso, to produce medicine and flour.
In the mean time, we have worked on a project in the city of Luga, in Senegal, a sister city of Romans. The project focused on women’s education, along with teaching reading and encouraging the production of local products. We have been working on this project uninterrupted for the past ten years, which has permitted us to stay in permanent contact with the Romans city hall.
The Frères des Hommes group also has partnerships with Niil Jam in Fandène, Senengal, working on an agriculture and soil conservation program, as well as with Diocko Bois, a group of woodworkers near Dakar.
Our work in Romans above all consists of doing presentations in schools, as well as at various local demonstrations, often in partnership or collaboration with other local associations.
Contact: Jean-François Boggio – Tel: 04 75 02 81 85

29160 - CROZON
The group was founded in 1980 and now has around ten members. In existence for more than 25 years at the “beginning of the world” (Penn ar Bed), the group puts into practice the principles of Frères des Hommes: Act here, act there, act with, act forever…
With the objective of educating the public on international citizenship, the group regularly interacts with school groups, works with the Municipal Council on Youth, participates in the Forum of Associations, and takes part in the Festival du Bout du Monde.
The group is the local contact group for Green Africa, the local group for Max Havelaar, and the bridge to the Ethics on the Tag campaign…
The group is also a member of CASI Bretagne and REPICD 29 (Finistère Association for Public Education on Planetary Citizenship).
In addition, they are active in the South with FDH partners in the Action Bois program in Senegal, and with partners in India working on “Rebuilding the Dignity of Men and Women” following the tsunami that destroyed southern Asia in December 2004.
Contact: Clément Sommier - Tel: 02 98 27 00 76

33000 - BORDEAUX
The Bordeaux group is made up of people participating for many years in the fight for greater justice on Earth because we feel strongly about the idea of Confédération Paysanne: “One roof! One Earth! One worldwide goal!” In Bordeaux, we have decided to fight for this collective goal through raising awareness. This goes hand in hand with the fight led by the Movement of the Landless, with the desire to have an affect on people’s lives here, in France.
In order to do this, we lead discussions, organize conferences, and will soon be given time on the radio to discuss our personal experiences and our theoretical and practical research. While there are not many of us, but our intense desire for a more just world is the measure of our ability to fight the injustices that proliferate.
Contact: Frédéric Le Mener and Agnes Van Ginneken - E-mail: [email protected]

The group was created in 2000, under the guidance of the Tours group, and is currently composed of 8 members.
Located in a working-class neighborhood in the city of Châteauroux, the group participates in the Neighborhood Council, the Contract Committee of the City and the CAC (Communauté d’agglomération castelroussine), as well as at the public university and the Neighborhood Administration Council.
Every year the group participates in the World Market (second Saturday in June), International Solidarity Week in November (expos, discussions, conferences), the Association Forum, the local social forum, the Fair Trade Forum, etc.
In particular, the group follows the activities of Rural Workers without Land (MST), two of whose members it brought to France in 2001 and 2002, in as part of the Terra Project. The group coordinator participated in the fifth World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2005.
Contact: Josseline Chaveneaud - Tel: 06 16 91 88 11

37000 TOURS
The group has been around for about thirty years. Today, it is made up of 12 members and has the support of a large network of activists in the department, people who regularly lend their support (participation in discussion groups, button-making for demonstrations, greeting card sales, etc.), and who regularly receive the newsletter put out by the group—“Le griot de Touraine,” with 450 readers.
Working in a working-class neighborhood in the city (the Sanitas nieghborhood), members meet every two weeks in their local office, where there is a staff-member every Wednesday afternoon. Very active locally, the group leads many actions in partnership with other associations and community groups. The group is a local bridge to the Ethics on the Tag campaign, and also takes part in discussion groups on the new common agricultural policy and on fair trade. Various “commissions,” or study groups, were created in the group (Asia, Africa, Latin America, Development Education). Debate nights are regularly organized. The group also participates in the neighborhood festival. Additionally, the “Solidarity Field” gets planted every April 17.
Positions in the group rotate each year, and new members are immediately given certain responsibilities…one of the group’s strong points.
Contact: Philippe Perrot - Tel: 02 47 05 14 77 - E-mail: [email protected]

44000 - NANTES
A Frères des Hommes group has existed in Nantes for over thirty years, almost since the beginning of the organization itself.
It now consists of ten members and activists.
In Brazil, the group made a significant contribution so that the agreement of cooperation between the cities of Nantes and Recife takes into account socially responsible economics, fair trade, and in particular the work of our two partners: Etapas and Josué de Castro Center in a shantytown.
The group also has relations with the Movement of Rural Works without Land (MST) and, thanks to the Sebastião Salgado’s photo exhibition, is able to publicize MST’s work.
The group is a member of the “Nantes for Fair Trade” association, which seeks to promote ethical products in shops and department stores. The association brings a great deal of experience from its relationships with partner organizations in countries of the South.
In addition the team participates in the local branch of Ethics on the Tag, which looks at work conditions in countries of the South, and the origins of consumer goods in the North.
Several campaigns have taken place, including the renunciation of child labor.
Lastly, the group is a founding member of the Association of Citizens of the World in Nantes, in which it continues to play an active role.
Contact: Philippe BLAISE - Tel: 02 51 83 12 27 - E.mail: [email protected]

44470 - THOUARE
The Frères des Hommes group in Thouaré was founded in 1985, turning twenty at the same time that Frères des Hommes turns forty.
Consisting of a dozen members, it sometimes has up to twenty supporters.
It has worked since the beginning on Green Africa. The group also supported Women of Zabré.
The group has had contacts with India (FEDINA).
In the North, Thouaré takes part in a network called COMOSOL (Coordination pour un monde solidaire). This network works in favour of schools by presenting exhibitions.
The group is well integrated in its hometown of 8 000 people.
Contact: Jeannine Gillet - Tel: 02 40 77 33 69
or Rémi Babin
- Tel: 02 40 77 31 04 – E-mail: [email protected]

The Fameck group of Frères des Hommes was founded in 1985. For twenty years, the group has been a strong group of eight members, coming from backgrounds as diverse as politics, unions, and non-profit associations. All these members are passionate and engage in various other associations. For about fifteen years, this group has been particularly involved in Africa and has built a solid partnership with Cote d’Ivoire, which includes fifteen support missions to FEDESI (an inter-professional union of craftsmen) for woodworking projects, mechanical work, and sewing. Work has also been done with the government and with nine banks that practice micro-lending.

Contact: Antoinette Kappenstein - Tel: 03 82 58 61 62 - E-mail: [email protected]

64000 - PAU
The group was started in 1972.
1972 to 1980: Presentations of films and photo essays by volunteers returning from the developing world.
1981 to 1986: Participation in two campaigns: “Eat Well Here, Stop Hunger There” and “People’s Right to Feed Themselves” campaign.
1986 to 1990: Education on development after several group members participated in programs in Burkina Faso and Zaire. Participation in the “Green Africa” campaign.
1997 to today: Promotion of fair trade
Today; the group is made up of 16 members.

Types of action taken:
-Sale of fair trade products (from markets, territorial cooperatives, small business groups, and others). Involvement in schools, conferences, and exhibitions.
-FDH exhibitions
-Distributing pamphlets and games for education and development (Pau Book Faire, Asphodèle Organic Fair, and various others).
Contact : Henri Sanchez - E-mail : [email protected]

Contact : Anne-Marie Auvergne - Tél : 01 39 50 78 59 - E-mail : [email protected]

Made up of 13 members, of whom eight come from Bouffémont and five come from Val d’Oise, the group is highly engaged in the partnership with APEF (Association for the Promotion of Women Entrepreneurs), in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which translates into different activities to raise public awareness:
-booths at various markets and association events
-a fun and informative Solidarity Night
-involvement in several elementary and middle schools
-publication of a newsletter, “Jambo”
-giving direct financial and other support to our partner, alongside other French organizations and Le Relais, a socially conscious job-finding company.
Contact : Nadine Girot - Tél : 01 39 91 58 69


Frères des Hommes - 9 rue de Savoie - 75006 Paris - Tél. : 01 55 42 62 62 - Fax : 01 43 29 99 77

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